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Bring Payment Integrity Programs In-House with TrueCost SaaS - White Paper

Move payment integrity programs in-house for accurate and consistent claim reviews using TrueCost as a SaaS model.

Hospital Itemized Bill Review Case Study

Download the case study to learn how we saved this Blues Plan client over $1M in charges, in less than two hours. 

Disrupting the 'Black Box" Model of Claim Auditing - White Paper

Understand why the 'Black Box" model of claim auditing is no longer acceptable and client-controlled outcomes and total transparency differentiate ClaimLogiq from the pack.

CORRE Logiq - Data Sheet

Get to know the power of automation and machine learning intelligence behind our customizable ClaimLogiq operational routing and rules engine.

The Facts and Figures of <2hr IBill Reviews

ClaimLogiq takes a personalized and proactive approach to itemized bill reviews, specific to the requirements of every payer and their provider agreements, learn how.

Custom Proactive Pre-Pay Claim Auditing Solutions for TPAs - White Paper

TPAs need real software and service solutions that can be implemented across a variety of clients that benefit their employee's health and well-being.

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