ClaimLogiq provides third-party administrators with custom proactive pre-pay auditing solutions resulting in controlled, predictable results.

Third-party administrators need real software and service solutions that can be implemented across a variety of clients that directly benefit their employees health and well-being. Drive your business forward with a partnerships that focuses on constant process improvement, innovative and intelligent solutions that reduce effort, lower the strain on resources and enhance relationships.

Simplify and streamline large, complex or, high-dollar claims in faster turn around time with razor-sharp accuracy. Guarantee timely results with defensible outcomes proactively creating a higher quality of healthcare for all.

Customizable- Client Controlled - Totally Transparent

  • Review correspondence between analysts and providers
  • View medical rationale and medical records
  • Run real-time and historical reports
  • Track the routing of every claim at every stage

All at your fingertips, within a single platform

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Our unique approach

We help healthcare payers of all sizes overcome the complexities of healthcare claims through a transparent and customizable software solution.

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