Accurate & consistent reviews

The fastest speed to pay


TrueCost givee Payers real-time access to every claim, at every stage of the review lifecycle. View correspondence, historical reviews and more with one easy-to-use software platform.


Payers of any size can customize the platform to adapt to their needs. Build onto pre-loaded industry edits and test rules in real-time. Decide how provider relationships are managed and more.


Decide whether TrueCost should be used in-house or outsourced to ClaimLogiq experts. Combine both into a hybrid experience to best suit payment integrity program needs and custom-design outcomes.

Precise & simplified

Comprehensive claim solutions offering unique payer-facing software that can be implemented to meet specific payer and provider needs. Reduce overhead, increase accuracy of reviews and make workflows efficient with faster speed to pay using our team or as an in-house solution.

TrueCost Payment Integrity Software Platform Whitepaper

Meet TrueCost

Payment Integrity on your rerms

Our extensive end-to-end claim review solution can be custom configured to your Plan's specific payment integrity program needs. The platform's flexibility for SaaS, full-services or Hybrid mode and its architecture delivers unparalleled ROI through the most accurate and consistent reviews bar none.

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Utilize TrueCost software securely with payment integrity teams in-house. Experience the same beautiful interface and easy-to-use application with existing experts at your Plan.  Achieve the same TATs, accuracy, and consistency of reviews that TrueCost is known for - with your Plan teams.


Have ClaimLogiq experts perform claim reviews without losing total control, transparency and real-time access and insight into every claim at every stage. Our team does customized workflows and delivers maximum savings that meet the fastest speed to pay.


ClaimLogiq experts and your Plan personnel can use TrueCost, in a Hybrid model to seamlessly communicate and collaborate across audit silos to deliver Plan-designed outcomes and manage workflow in-house while others are managed by ClaimLogiq for tailor-made efficiency.

The many talents of TrueCost

DRG Validation

Collaborate in real-time across audit silos for fast and accurate coding results that expedite MD clinical reviews. Payers can view all correspondence and communications in real-time.


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IBill review

Complete multi-million dollar itemized bill reviews in a matter of minutes with no compromise in accuracy or consistency. Maximized savings, more reviews in less time, with dependable and predictable results no matter who performs the review.


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Dual DRG + IBill Audit

Complete rapid reviews of complex hospital bills simultaneously and cross-collaborate between teams without confusion or delay in results. A combination review in as little time as a singular review is possible using TrueCost.


ClaimLogiq's Operational Routing and Rules Engine can pay or pend claims in under 250 milliseconds. Inside TrueCost, analysts can test rules in real-time without stopping payment.


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Provider Portal

ClaimLogiq's Provider Portal serves as a user-friendly and speedy document exchange service. Once documents are uploaded, they are immediately escorted to the secure HITRUST environment of TrueCost.

ROCR - Rapid OCR

The learning technology adapts to provider formats over time to reduce time spent in OCR with fewer errors and less human interaction,  speeding up the time to audit and pay for both medical records and IBills, easily viewable and referenced inside the beautiful UI of TrueCost.

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The 15-Minute IBill review

ClaimLogiq's intelligent software, TrueCost is at the very heart of the razor-sharp accurate, and lightning-fast 15-minute itemized bill review. Providers receive correct payment proactively, and Payers can stop the abrasive (not to mention outdated) pay-and-chase.

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Plan-designed Payment Integrity

TrueCost shines exactly where Payers need - flexibility at its core enables program-specific customized workflows, tailor-made provider relations and much more.

Custom workflows

Design every element from data intake to results. Automate performance aspects of each review with tailor-made rules, review steps and more.

Real-time access

As SaaS, Services or Hybrid, Plans have ultimate control and access to every claim and every review at every moment no matter where it is in the process.

Integration ready

TrueCost is built to easily integrate and adapt to plan-specific third-party applications, bolt-on and keep moving.


Provider relations

Customize how your precious relationships are handled. White-label communications, have ClaimLogiq experts handle process execution, and utilize our accessible and secure provider portal as it suits your program needs.

Detailed reporting

Pull or push a variety of detailed real-time, monthly, and ad-hoc reports that give valuable insight into performance metrics.

Role-specific access

Allocate permissions to internal and external team members to control the exact amount of access for analysts, admins and all stakeholders.

Our dedication to payment integrity

ClaimLogiq adapts the highest level of payment integrity to all claim environments at any stage of the claim life-cycle. Recoup costs, avoid over-payments and grow relationships with stakeholders.

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