The intelligent data capture system analyzes millions of points within IBills and medical records with inconsistent formats - providing quality, easy-to-reference data, immediately available in TrueCost.

Payer/Provider-Level Customizations

ROCR is customized with constantly-growing, in-house designed rules that refine the different IBill and MR formats for easy identification and matching of data for instant import into TrueCost for analyst review.

Intelligent Machine Learning Technology

ROCR is a learning technology that will cleanse bad data more accurately and efficiently, easily adapting to new provider layouts, client customizations, and patterns in order to meet KPIs and improve performance over time.

No Limits on Document Volumes

ROCR is multi-threaded and can normalize multiple IBills and medical records of varying file sizes and types at once, allowing Plans to scale without disrupting timelines of reviews.

ROCR: Speed & Accuracy Coexist

ROCR enabled Payers to achieve the fastest speed to payment without compromising accuracy.

Customize preferences for your Plan

ROCR utilizes custom-built parameters for each Plan's provider relationships that adapt and become smarter over time, continually reducing the time required for full review. 

Intelligent, automatic bookmarking

Medical records are scanned and bookmarked, making important areas easily identifiable and available for quick reference during an audit. Bookmarking goes beyond sections and into key areas of the record that are required for faster determinations at a high rate of confidence.

Decrease re-requests and appeals

ROCR improves data quality before it ever hits claim audit, ClaimLogiq's review solutions maintain our consistency and accuracy even at lightning fast speeds. Our custom ROCR rules identify and translate quality issues at a higher intelligence level to decrease the chances of a re-request.

Data agnostic

ROCR can cleanse all files sizes and types, not just PDFs. ROCR intelligently learns new formats and adapts to quickly load them into the workflow for even faster OCR TAT.

Multi-threaded OCR in minutes

ROCR can cleanse and translate multiple files simultaneously. IBills and medical records can be automatically fed to multiple analyst queues at once, ready for finalized review. This helps Plans scale review volumes and decrease timelines further when using ROCR + TrueCost. 

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ROCR helps Payers of all sizes scale their claim reviews

Simplify document retrieval

ROCR is data-agnostic and can accept any file type, which means there's no back-and-forth about which files are required or supplied by Payers or Providers. 

Modernize data storage

So long to scanned copies of medical records, PDFs with incorrect formatting and searching for files through the abyss of paper storage. ROCR puts data at your fingertips and easy to reference within TrueCost and wherever you're storing it digitally.

Automate data entry

There's no need to manually type out data from a low-readable file. ROCR pulls distorted text and misaligned sections and transforms them into clear text at a higher capacity, then, cleanses it before import into TrueCost for finalized review.

Text-searchable data from PDFs

With digital text, analyst teams are able to search for exactly what is needed, no matter where it is in the document. Stop spending inefficient time locating, cross-referencing, and checking lines and items for accurate matches,  let ROCR find it for you. 

Improve data quality

ROCR is trained to keep an eye out for misspellings, inconsistent codes, and context clues -- because everyone can use a second pair of eyes when it comes to complex claims. It cleanses data before it ever hits your review dashboard so that there's no delay in referencing reliable data. 

Enable faster claim reviews

When there's a high level of confidence in your translated information, claim reviews are streamlined. Go from document upload to finalized audit with no hiccups when it comes to missing, misplaced, or mislabeled data. ROCR's got your back. 


ROCR fuels finalizing itemized bill reviews in less than 15 minutes

Claimlogiq's powerful TrueCost platform makes the day or weeklong Itemized bill reviews a thing of the past. 

Empowering Payers of all sizes to review more claims in less time and move complex hospital bill audits to prospective reviews.

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