Out-of-Network Services

Optimize claim savings for out-of-network with faster and precisely automated custom and flexible software.


Out-of-Network Services

Efficiently handle a complex claim situation and multiple touchpoints with dynamic solutions tailored to payer-specific business rules and edits.

Expert Relations

The team at ClaimLogiq works alongside providers and payers to enable the careful management of requirements and maintain the lowest abrasion.

Greater Cost Savings

Uncover the best savings possible with tailored technology that zeros in on the greatest possible cost savings in an accurate, consistent outcome.

Fastest Speed to Pay

The added complexity of out-of-network claims is no match for the agile and dynamic software powering ClaimLogiq.

Claims Editing

Identify and edit coding and billing errors with automated rules.  Fully manage the claim not just as an editor or auditor but with the full spectrum of team and technology solutions to reach payment integrity goals faster and more accurately.

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Our Logical Approach

Our approach to a software solution is purely logical - clients want control and transparency and we've made the team and technology that can provide exactly that and produce the most cost savings and predictable outcomes

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Smart Routing Out-of-Network Claims

Using the powerful automation that is customized to each healthcare payer's needs, ClaimLogiq will route the claim to the right team and technology point to provide the most cost savings.

Out of Network Services Infographic


Carefully manage provider relations and adapt our technology and teams at varying scales to correctly and efficiently deal with out-of-network claims.


Adjust and adapt real-time to the needs of payer-provider contracts, rules, and custom edits as needed.


ClaimLogiq's approach to out-of-network claims is a true software adaptation to any specific healthcare payer's needs through client-controlled customization.

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Boost your provider relations alongside cost savings!

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Logical Large Claim Solutions

Unique payer-facing software solutions that enable total transparency and complete client control over the healthcare claims process

Client Control

Total software and team transparency allow clients to insert and develop custom rules and requirements to scale cost savings over time with immediate effect.

Customized Libraries

Pre-built and pre-populated libraries are complimented by provider-specific custom rules that are adaptable to every agreement.

Clinical Experts

Full scope clinical analysis experts can identify maximum cost savings for all level payment integrity goals.

Consistent Outcomes

Headphones have a more dynamic and wider range of sound, with a clarity that can bring you closer to the artist

Razor Sharp Accuracy

Powerful technology identifies errors with precise accuracy and experienced auditors confirm consistent, repeatable outcomes.


Machine Learning

The software "remembers" denials that are unique to provider billing patterns, further automating the process.


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Our unique approach

We help healthcare payers of all sizes overcome the complexities of healthcare claims through a transparent and customizable software solution.

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