IBill Reviews and Audits

Promoting Precise, Proactive Payment Integrity

ClaimLogiq's itemized bill review software, TrueCost™, includes customizable denial libraries and feature-rich review functionality that improves the IBill review speed and accuracy across all team members.

users-cog-light  Razor Sharp Accuracy

ClaimLogiq combines sophisticated machine learning with the discerning element of the human eye. Powerful technology identifies errors with precise accuracy, experienced auditors confirm consistent, repeatable outcomes.

database-solid Customized Libraries

Pre-built and pre-populated libraries are complemented by provider-specific custom rules, that are adjustable and adaptable. Paired with a full scope clinical analysis, cost savings are immediately identified and payment integrity goals achieved.

cogs-solid-1 Machine Learning

The software "remembers" denials that are unique to provider billing patterns, further automating the process. This enhances relationships while leveraging and defending findings for auditors and appropriate billing processes for future cases.

Hospital Itemized Bill Review <15 Minutes.

Claims that can take days or weeks as an industry average are returned for amended payment in under 15-minutes with ClaimLogiq in both pre and post-pay modalities.


A complex itemized bill review, complete with medical records and MD review that produces accurate, consistent cost savings at less than a 5% appeal rate and <1% overturn?  

It's possible.  With ClaimLogiq.

Experienced industry professionals working in our unique payer-facing software system reveal unlimited powers in producing maximum cost savings or finalized recoveries.


SaaS, Services, Hybrid

Using ClaimLogiq cloud-based software platform, Payers can complete high-dollar, complex claim reviews in a matter of minutes.

Accurate. Consistent.

Lightning fast speed to payment with zero compromise in accuracy and consistency. Produce predictable, repeatable results at scale.

Experienced Auditors

Your medical staff or, ours. Your experienced editors and auditors or, ours. You choose the implementation model of our software.

Simple. Fast. Paid.

TrueCost's easy to use UI and enhanced UX makes complex hospital bills simplified for more claim reviews in less time.

Itemized Bill Review 

Improve the IBill review speed and accuracy across all team members for in-house or, outsourced solutions. Utilize ClaimLogiq's TrueCost software as SaaS or full-services complemented by unparalleled client-driven control, customization, and transparency over the entire lifecycle of every claim.

  • Automatically identify denials that are presented to the user for validation
  • Consistent itemized bill reviews regardless of the provider billing format
  • Consistent denials which reduce provider appeals over time
  • “Learning” platform in which the system remembers denials that are unique to provider billing patterns
  • Robust search and filter functionality allowing users to quickly identify items across many pages of itemized bill records

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itemized bill review tool

The ClaimLogiq Difference

Experience smarter software adaptations combined with industry experts that can be implemented as an in-house software solution, outsourced services, or any combination of the two.

For any payer and provider relationship, any claim type with maximum volumes.

Smart Routing

Automated and adjustable workflow rules that consistently anticipate the production needs and route to the right team member for speedy and proper adjudication

Built-In Calculation

Predefined standard and custom calculation rules and edits improve the machine learning feature over time and empower auditors to achieve accurate and consistent results

Pre-Screen Rules

Industry-standard and custom pre-screen rules reduce overall claim workflow and automate the claim auditing process


Our HITRUST certified review solution utilizes rules-based algorithms that target potential coding anomalies and/or documentation improvement opportunities at the time of coding completion

Measurable Metrics

Keep a pulse on productivity and workflow efficiencies, know where to focus workforce attention to adjust and adapt to claim needs real-time

Repeatable Results

Increase accuracy, compliance, and quality, through dashboards, reporting and closed-loop communications and feedback

Hospital Bill Audit Payment Integrity Icon

Proactive Payment Integrity

Prevent high-cost claim payments without holding up speed to pay. Analyze thousands of pages and complex hospital bill audit requirements in seconds. Reduce the time spent on complex claims with ClaimLogiq technology and in-house or outsourced medical team professionals.

  • Optimization through rule customization 
  • Negative business disruptions
  • Seamless workflow integration
  • Optimized resource and technology environments
  • Incorporates a continuous cycle of business insight and analytics to improve both
    pre-payment accuracy and post-payment capture


Team + Technology DNA.

CORREClaimLogiq Operational Rules and Routing Engine is the technology that can adapt to unlimited provider-specific rules in a pre-built and learned environment. The speed and accuracy at which the software processes complex claims enables accurate, consistent, and repeatable results at maximum claim volume levels

<400 Milliseconds

Industry-standard edits and client customizable rules for provider-specific contracts enable large claims at any volume to produce a pay/pend in under half a second.

Unparalleled Technology

Payer-facing software, accessible from anywhere in the world with accuracy and consistency that combines the power of machine learning with human experts.

ClaimLogiq itemized bill rules and routing engine

Complete Control

No matter how our claim auditing software solution is implemented, clients have complete control over the in-house and outsourced solution to control outcomes.

Total Transparency

View the life cycle of any claim at any time and maintain a pulse on productivity.  Analyze member metrics and team KPIs, pivot, and adjust with customization available at your fingertips.

Custom, Transparent, Logical Solutions. Delivered.

Take a tour of our comprehensive client claim solutions. Discover a unique payer-facing software solution that can be implemented to meet specific payer and provider needs. Reduce overhead and increase accuracy with an in-house solution and make workflows efficient with faster speed to pay as an outsourced service.