Workflow Management

Efficiently manage claims, team members, and goals for better ROI with TrueCost™.

Claims Workflow Management

Go beyond editing and auditing claims with a total management approach that's logical and reduces the impact on current resources and future needs.


Effectively manage team members from anywhere at any time with total cloud-based secure access and detailed analytics.


Customize the needs of your specific payer and provider agreement needs to achieve total control over the claim auditing process.


Workflow management through built-in tools and customized resources that evolve with client needs and produce consistent results.

Don't just audit claims. Manage them.

ClaimLogiq TrueCost software and services solutions offer complete control over the claim process and total transparency over teams to meed KPIs and improve the efficiency of workflows.

Measurable Metrics

Metrics that mean something and are actionable. Optimize each step of complex workflows to create simpler paths and shorter lifecycles without compromising quality.

Real-Time Analytics

Complete quality checks and performance analysis at every stage of the claim workflow. Understand claim processes for improvement and team member opportunities.

Team Management

Claims aren't the only part of a complex workflow, it takes engaged team members to produce consistent and accurate results. Drill down on a case-by-case basis to acknowledge successes or improve performance.

Claim Management

Go beyond claim auditing and editing with total claim management from a simplified workflow. Manage claims easier and with fewer resources with software designed to break apart roadblocks and produce predictable results.

Real-Time Reporting

Detailed reports for all level users and managers.  Communicate workflow needs and produce insight and information into every claim and every outcome with reports that measure against KPIs.

Reduced Resources

ClaimLogiq's unique software approach increases automation, reduces errors, and makes workflow a seamless part of operations.  Remove unnecessary overhead and wasted time with software designed to achieve the highest payment integrity goals.


Seamless Workflows.

Think logically about the organization of work and the optimization of goals.  ClaimLogiq bridges the gap between efficient and effective claim, provider, and team management.

Engage Stakeholders

Engage internal and external stakeholders with the success of optimized workflows.

Cloud-Based WMS

A HITRUST workflow management system that can be accessed from anywhere at any time propels productivity.

Role-Based Control

User-level specific access controls accuracy and allows for specific authorization to targeted areas of the workflow and automates smart routing.


Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor claims and personnel at any stage of the claim life-cycle.

In-App Notifications

Get notifications as editors, auditors, and managers and take immediate action on claim updates and results.

Turnkey Implementation

Workflows that can be customized to provider and payer-specific needs result in an easier experience versus a one-size-fits-all approach.

Simplify Complex Workflows.

Connect with ClaimLogiq to understand how even the most complex workflows can be controlled and managed to achieve consistent outcomes.