Better Performance is Better Payment Integrity

ClaimLogiq's TrueCost software engages all stakeholders to unify teams and processes with a system designed to optimize workflows when implemented as a SaaS, out-source service, or combination of the two.

Member Metrics

Dive deep into individual member performance metrics as well as analyze team productivity to empower better workflow and achieve goals.

Real-Time Analytics

Get a real-time and hands-on approach to people, workflows, clients, teams, and plans.  Remain as agile as the needs of your agreements and pivot quickly with detailed insights and actionable analytics.

Historical Reporting

Understand growth and trends from a detailed or high-level view. Use the power of historical reporting to drive better future performance and improved productivity.

Focus on Continuous Improvement

ClaimLogiq software empowers payers to focus on process and people improvement to meet and exceed payment integrity goals.

Smart Routing

ClaimLogiq's software intelligently routes the right claim to the right team member for optimal performance and higher productivity.

Intelligent Automation

Experience sophisticated automation that speeds up editing and auditing, without compromise in accuracy or, consistency.

Client Controlled

Clients have total control over the claim workflow, over every team member, and user-specific functions that empower clients to make the right workflow choices to maximize performance.

Machine Learning

Software and technology that is always learning, always evolving, and always identifying opportunities for maximum performance and better payment integrity.  Challenge our software and see higher cost savings with positive provider relationships.

Agile Technology

As payer-provider agreements develop, the healthcare industry evolves, and claim complexity and rules remain a challenge, partnering with ClaimLogiq ensures better performance out of technology and teams. Adjust and adapt as swiftly as the environment demands.

Faster TAT

Get faster turn-around time by giving your team the tools and resources in TrueCost to efficiently and accurately complete the claim lifecycle.


Team Driven Technology

Clinical experts and healthcare payer teams need the right software to achieve payment integrity goals and the best technology is enhanced by the right team behind it.

Superior Communication

Review correspondence between auditors and medical experts. View communications between team members from anywhere in the world in real-time.


Set performance goals for now and the future. ClaimLogiq's customizable framework is best suited to scaling operations, teams, and volumes without sacrificing efficiency and effectiveness.

Evaluate Confidently

Our software produces reporting and analytics that are trackable and measurable. Confidently set new benchmarks and understand results for repeatable outcomes.

ClaimLogiq Improve Productivity Infographic (1)

Stronger ROI

Don't just meet benchmarks, exceed them. Use real-time analytics and historical data to pivot payment integrity needs and predict performance.

Easily Identify Opportunities

Our unique payer-facing software UX enables ease of access alongside ease of use. Quickly and efficiently get to the metrics, status, and data within a claim to move pace and performance.


Cloud-based software that is customizable to each clients' needs, specific to provider agreements and contracts. Adjust the software capabilities to meet productivity, performance, and payment integrity goals.

Reduce Costs and Improve Performance

Take a tour of our unique, transparent, and customized approach to managing complex claims and the entire auditing process.  See for yourself how ClaimLogiq drives industry-leading ROI. Our technology enhances relationships for both internal and external stakeholders for both payers and providers.