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Reduce Errors

ClaimLogiq software has built-in rules and technology that virtually removes human error.

Machine Learning

Evolving software that adapts under the watchful eye of clinical experts and solutions architects.


Stop over-payments and identify errors with a proactive approach to claim auditing.

Meaningful Metrics

Analyze and adjust your team and technology with real-time analytics over the entire claim auditing process.

Gradient Solutions Background


SaaS and services that are completely customizable to specific payer and provider contracts and edits.


Experience total control with every implementation of ClaimLogiq. Keep a pulse on productivity in-house or outsourced.


Seamlessly adapt to more software or, more services from the ClaimLogiq solution model.

End-to-End Solutions

Uncover maximum cost savings potential and optimize provider relationships with the power to adjust and adapt real-time.

Experience Logical Claim Software

Receive a customized solution targeted at healthcare payer-specific rules and KPIs.  Complement an in-house team with outsourced services and explore maximized claim audit integrity with ClaimLogiq.