The ClaimLogiq Difference

TrueCost's end-to-end review ecosystem allows Payers to audit complex itemized bills in under 15 minutes. Our technology stack includes intelligent automation that enables Plans to handle a higher volume of claims in a fraction of the time with no compromise in the quality of results.

Smart Routing

CORRE, ClaimLogiq's intelligent rules and routing engine, analyzes uploaded IBill documents using automated and adjustable workflow rules, produces pay/pend results, and routes to the appropriate party in under <250 milliseconds.

Accurate, Consistent Results

Our ROCR (Rapid OCR) technology checks thousands of data points in seconds to collect claim data from disparate sources and imports normalized data as machine-readable text into TrueCost in minutes, even seconds. ROCR ensures that despite its speed, the 15-Minute IBill Audit never compromises quality, accuracy, or consistency.

End-to-End Review solution

TrueCost offers payers an end-to-end review solution that takes them from document upload to finalized review in under 15 minutes. Whether ClaimLogiq's auditors or a Payer's in-house payment integrity program are performing the review, TrueCost's cloud-based platform and intuitive design make any reviewer an expert, no matter the skill level or geographical location. 

Experience more logical IBill reviews.


Move your payment timeline left.

With your IBill review done in minutes, you can make payments to providers in minutes, too. Opt for prepayments, or if provider agreements require post-payments, make recovery efforts in a fraction of the time.

Avoid late fees and penalties.

Missed review windows and late fees from providers are in the past. Speedy reviews enable your Plan to get completed reviews and payments out the door in minutes so that late fees and penalties are the least of your concerns.

Decrease provider abrasion.

TrueCost, CORRE and ROCR are on your side to make sure you receive the most accurate, consistent results so that you and your providers can trust that you're producing quality claim reviews. With faster payments, reliable results, and fewer overpayment recovery efforts, your provider relationships will only improve. 

Increase savings and revenue.

With reviews done in under 15 minutes, your Plan can handle more itemized bills in the time it used to take to complete one. Find increased savings with ClaimLogiq's intelligent library of standard and customizable rules and, bring in more revenue with increased claim volumes and capacity. 

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Hospital Itemized Bill Review <15 Minutes.

Claims that can take days or weeks as an industry average are returned for amended payment in under 15-minutes with ClaimLogiq in both pre and post-pay modalities.


A complex itemized bill review, complete with medical records and MD review that produces accurate, consistent cost savings at less than a 5% appeal rate and <1% overturn?  

It's possible.  With ClaimLogiq.

Experienced industry professionals working in our unique payer-facing software system reveal unlimited powers in producing maximum cost savings or finalized recoveries.

SaaS, Services, Hybrid

Using ClaimLogiq cloud-based software platform, Payers can complete high-dollar, complex claim reviews in a matter of minutes.

Accurate. Consistent.

Lightning fast speed to payment with zero compromise in accuracy and consistency. Produce predictable, repeatable results at scale.

Experienced Auditors

Your medical staff or, ours. Your experienced editors and auditors or, ours. You choose the implementation model of our software.

Simple. Fast. Paid.

TrueCost's easy to use UI and enhanced UX makes complex hospital bills simplified for more claim reviews in less time.

Achieving the fastest speed to pay affects the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Payers improve relationships with providers and offer quality, affordable healthcare options to patients.

Payers find more savings and revenue opportunities as their bandwidth and review volumes increase.


Providers have more confidence in Plan payments and a decreased need for overpayment recovery efforts.


Providers receive faster payments and can inject them back into patient care.

Patients can receive accurate healthcare costs, experience transparency around costs, and increase trust in their Plans' coverage.

Patients receive higher quality care from providers.

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