2 Hour IBill Reviews

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ClaimLogiq takes a personalized and proactive approach to itemized bill reviews, specific to the requirements of every payer and their provider agreements, learn how.


Data Sheet

Get to know the power of automation and machine learning intelligence behind our customizable ClaimLogiq operational routing and rules engine.

Hospital Itemized Bill Review

Case Study

Download the case study to learn how we saved this Blues Plan client over $1M in charges, in less than two hours. 

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Our mission is to deliver a proactive approach to payment integrity and a higher quality of healthcare for all. We believe in a dedication to innovation through continuous self-improvement; in process transparency and client-driven control because we know that a claim is more than a stack of paperwork, so we’re more than software alone. Every day we’re going to work to make claims logical, because to us, it’s personal.

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NHCAA's Anti-Fraud Expo

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Join us at NHCAA! Learn how ClaimLogiq prevents fraud, waste and abuse through our proactive approach to payment integrity.

SIIA’s National Conference & Expo

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Re-engineered with a highly sophisticated virtual format for this year, the world’s largest self-insurance event expects to extend its reach, as industry professionals will be able to participate from wherever they are!

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