Diagnostic Related Grouping Review

Case Study

Download our case study to learn how TrueCost balances customization, review expertise, and automation to ensure a streamlined DRG review process and maximum savings.

The 15-Minute IBill Audit

Case Study

Learn how ClaimLogiq enables Payers to finalize claims in under 15 minutes, and see real results of IBill reviews completed with ClaimLogiq software and technology.

Hospital Itemized Bill Review

Case Study

With this Blues Plan client, we were able to find substantial savings in under two hours. But it doesn't stop there  this Blues Plan was able to see exactly which charges were denied, why, and what percent of the overall claim they represented. 

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Our mission is to deliver a proactive approach to payment integrity and a higher quality of healthcare for all. We believe in a dedication to innovation through continuous self-improvement, process transparency, and client-driven control. We know that a claim is more than a stack of paperwork, so we’re more than software alone. Every day we’re going to work to make claims logical, because to us, it’s personal.

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Learn what's happening inside ClaimLogiq with insightful thought leadership on healthcare technology and industry topics.



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HCAA's TPA Summit

Virtual Experience

Join us at HCAA's TPA Summit this July! We can't wait to see you at this virtual experience where you can learn how ClaimLogiq's solutions are a game-changer for third-party administrators.

SIIA’s National Conference & Expo

Virtual Expo and In-Person Event in Austin, TX

Join us at the world’s largest self-insurance event to learn how ClaimLogiq's end-to-end solutions disrupt the "Black Box" model of payment integrity solutions.

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