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Women's History Month - A daily commitment at Claimlogiq

International Women’s Month isn’t just for March, it is a 12-month commitment at Claimlogiq. The majority of our team is female. Women lead our finance, operations, human resources and compliance departments.

Justin Hudd & Janene Hill

Pictured: Claimlogiq Chief Information Officer Justin Hudd & Co-Founder Janene Hill
Janene Hill is the company’s co-founder and executive vice president of innovation.

Simply put: if our female staff all decided to take the day off, nothing would get done.

From flexible scheduling, to a comprehensive benefits package; Claimlogiq is a workplace of choice for women.


Krystal Headshot

One of the people fueling Claimlogiq’s open culture efforts is Krystal Vargha, VP of HR and Compliance. She leads a team that is at the heart of the company’s growth and sustainability to attract and keep top talent.

Q: Culture is such an important part of a workplace, what makes Claimlogiq stand out?

We have a focus within our company to seek and retain people with not only the necessary skills, but who also hold our core values. We look for employees who have a passion for what they do, why they do it, and for whom they do it. We focus on a person’s energy, enthusiasm, and willingness to wear many hats.

At this stage of critical growth in our company, it is crucial that every employee not only be a subject matter expert in their area of expertise, but also be able to join company-wide objectives, which may cause them to step outside their comfort zone to help us meet our rapid expansion needs.

Another key ingredient is collaboration between individuals, teams, departments and across all levels of the organization. The only way our company can continue to grow and thrive is if we ALL realize that we should take a moment each and every day to learn something new. At ClaimLogiq, we do our best to provide the tools, resources and platforms necessary to make that happen.

MicrosoftTeams-imageQ: How do you balance work with being a mom of three?

Working for a company like ClaimLogiq that values personal and family time makes it easy. If my daughter has a presentation at school in the middle of the day, I can be out of the office for a few hours to make sure I’m there for her. If my son has a fundraiser, the flexibility is there so I can help him earn every penny. All 3 of my children are VERY involved in sports. Trying to balance soccer, football and golf means you will often find me on the grass fields. ClaimLogiq is committed to ensuring all employees have the freedom to be there for their loved ones in exchange for our staff sharing their time and talents to help grow this incredible company.

Q: With the majority of Claimlogiq’s team working remotely, how does that help encourage a work/life balance?

ClaimLogiq was a 70% remote company pre-COVID and will continue that trend no matter where the pandemic leads.

Our company offers a total cloud environment and different types of flexible schedules which mean that, for the most part, workers can start and end their day as they choose.

We feel employees having control over their work schedule is invaluable when it comes to running their personal life, whether it’s dropping kids off at school, running some errands, attending an online fitness class in the morning, or being home for a contractor. As a remote first company, we can hire the best talent, regardless of geography.

Claimlogiq embraces our staff having the option to work a little closer to their loved ones while accomplishing their job goals.



Brian DeRoy
Brian DeRoy
Claimlogiq Marketing Communications Manager. Inner city public high school grad, son of a construction worker - blue collar roots and work ethic with a college degree who believes in four simple words: Relevant, Timely, Unique & Simplified. Big believer in employee and audience engagement by taking complex topics and making them understandable to the masses. A successful TV news career drives Brian's communication style - he rarely misses an edition of his favorite TV show, ABC World News Tonight with David Muir.

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