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The fastest speed to pay without compromise in consistency or accuracy complete with customized outcomes, all in less than one second!

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ClaimLogiq's Operations Rules & Routing Engine is the most powerful on the market for claim auditing.  It produces accurate results in less than one second with razor sharp accuracy.

Razor sharp accuracy

Speed and volume mean nothing without dependable accuracy and consistency.  CORRE delivers industry-leading results for accuracy on a predictable and repeatable basis.

<250 Milliseconds

Industry-standard edits and client customizable rules for provider-specific contracts enable large claims at any volume to produce a pay/pend in under half a second.

Defensible results

CORRE produces defensible results everytime with custom provider-specific and payer-mandated rules with a robust library full of industry edits.


CORRE features

ClaimLogiq simplified claim auditing technology works with our team of our experts or yours. The CORRE rules engine always produces accurate, defensible results.


CORRE executes data manipulations, corrections, and any cleansing required when gathering information.


CORRE will perform grouping functions through our grouping module and use the outcome as either the source or as a comparative data set.


During the claim selection process, CORRE excludes any claims determined to be ineligible based on your program criteria. 

CORRE Claim Logic


CORRE executes on our library of selection rules to target claims for review that will maximize your savings.


Because claims can hit multiple rules, CORRE scores the claims and makes the claim proceed through smart routing to the right person, every time.


CORRE houses our R&D rule testing engine where we continuously create, evaluate, adjust, and test our selection to provide the results payers are looking for.


Going Beyond Technology 

Technology is nothing without team. ClaimLogiq has the only simplified payer-facing approach to claim auditing so that claims of virtually limitless volumes can be adequately managed by the right team members, with speed and consistency at the core of payment integrity outcomes.

In-house experts

ClaimLogiq experienced team members are the core of our success model. Our team and technology combines with your experts to produce cpnsistent and desired outcomes.

Claim managers

ClaimLogiq software enables not just the editing and auditing of claims but, total claim management from pend to pay. Empower team members to facilitate the process through total management over the process.

Facilitate relationships

Manage claims and improve relationships between patient plans, providers and specific healthcare payer needs. ClaimLogiq software produces analytics and defensible results that enhance relationships not just manage them.

Complete control

No matter how our claim auditing software solution is implemented, clients have complete control over the in-house and outsourced solution to control outcomes.

Unparalleled software

Payer-facing software, accessible from anywhere in the world with accuracy and consistency that combines the power of machine learning with human expert.

Machine learning

CORRE Claim Logic is the technology that can adapt to unlimited provider-specific rules in a pre-built and learned environment.

Delivering custom, transparent, logical claim audit solutions

Our unique payer-facing software solution can be implemented to meet specific payer and provider needs. Reduce overhead and increase accuracy with an in-house solution to make workflows efficient with faster speed to pay as an outsourced service.

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