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    We believe in a dedication to innovation through continuous self-improvement; in process transparency and client-driven control.

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    We believe in a client-facing, transparent approach to payment integrity, and a higher quality of healthcare for all.

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    You get an entire team of people in your corner—real people—who make your challenges, our challenges.

ClaimLogiq Bridge


We believe in total transparency that allows clients to know the status on a claim during every stage of the workflow and a pulse on productivity and performance.  The capability to be agile, adjust and adapt real-time.


We believe in a proactive approach to payment integrity that bridges the gap between software and services. Our unique payer-facing solution can be implemented as true SaaS, services or, combination of the two.

Complete Control

We believe in complete client control over the claim process.  This enables unique customizations, industry innovations and in-house or, outsourced solutions as it fits the needs of every size healthcare payer.

We make claims logical - because to us, it's personal.

IBill Reviews

Bar none, ClaimLogiq has the most powerful, fastest and accurate ibill auditing capabilities on the market.

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DRG Validation

Yield optimum cost recoveries alongside maximum cost avoidance and minimized abrasion.

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Large Claim Audits

Our software can produce pay or pend results in under 400 milliseconds and our team can provide consistent, reliable results.



Scale quickly and easily with our core integrated software model and technology, no limits on resources or claim volume.


When processes are transparent and clients have control, results become repeatable and predictable with consistency and accuracy at the core.


Pay or pend results that produce in under half a second and complex claims that have a turn around time of under hours, not days, points directly to the powerful engine behind ClaimLogiq.

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Logical Claim Solutions

Experience a simplified approach to virtually limitless claim volumes under any specific agreement rules, customized for every size healthcare payer.


Unlimited Volume

Virtually unlimited rules, edits, claim volume and power with the ability to continue accurate and fast results.


Our team is comprised of healthcare, software and payment integrity experts with decades of experience.

Agile Software

Software, not vaporware, produces a truly technological agile environment that can be manipulated to handle any type size or claim at the speed of your needs.


Claim auditing software that highlights opportunities and develops solutions real-time for payer and provider needs.


Access a claim anywhere in its life-cycle from anywhere in the world, securely and safely. Control resources and easily communicate just as you would in-office.


Dependable, repeatable outcomes deliver precise results every time that yield the highest concentration of of cost savings and payment integrity results.

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Our Leadership Team

The ClaimLogiq leadership team has decades-long experience in the healthcare payment integrity industry and is driven by operational excellence that creates a transparent environment for both clients and employees in the pursuit of peak performance.


HITRUST Certified

ClaimLogiq's SaaS platform is versified by the Health Information Trust (HITRUST) Alliance. The comprehensive HITRUST CSF information security framework incorporates healthcare specific security, privacy and regulatory requirements to include HIPAA, NIST, ISO and COBIT as well as industry best practices to provide a single evaluation framework designed to support the information protection needs of ClaimLogiq's clients.

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ClaimLogiq takes privacy and information security very seriously. We are compliant with the regulations and conditions set forth in the Health Insurance Portability and Availability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). ClaimLogiq, defined as ‘Business Associate” per the HIPAA act, shares a commitment with HIPAA Covered Entities to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the covered information obtained; subject to the terms of a Business Associate Agreement. ClaimLogiq has implemented administrative, physical, and technical safeguards that protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of covered information that is received, maintained, or transmitted on behalf of the HIPAA Covered Entity.